Q:  I’m logged in but it says I don’t have any active courses?

A:  Click on “start a course” or on the menu above click on “all courses” and scroll down to the course you wish to begin.


Q:  How do I earn badges?

A:  Once you have completed the requirements for a badge go to the badge and click that you have earned it.


Q:  Where does Arnoux get his jokes?

A:  A magician never reveals his secrets.


Q:  Is Arnoux the sole writer of the THM training programs?

A:  Yes.


Q:  How do I change my profile name?

A:  Go to “My Profile Settings” and you can edit it there as well as upload a picture, set your dating status and the city you are in.


Q:  How do I get my certificate after I complete a course?

A:  To get your certificate you need to take the certificate exam associated with that course and certificate.  It’s a separate course that you’ll find under “All Courses”.  Once you pass the exam (percentage required to pass is 80% for non-master certifications and is 95% for master certifications), then you will receive an email with a link to purchase the certification.  They are $40 each.


Q:  How can I get Total Health Mastery to send me referral clients for 1-on-1 consulting?

A:  You must be a certified Master Professional Health Consultant and hold updated certifications in good standing for all certifications available.  Once you have met this requirement then you can email us your desire to be added to our referral list along with a video about yourself and written bio explaining to prospective clients why they would want to work with you and what your ideal client is.  Being on the list does not guarantee referrals.  Performance in producing results with clients is monitored, noted and honored.


Q:  How much does it cost to have a private session with a Master Professional Health Consultant?

A:  Private consultations with certified practitioners are $150/hour or $500/mo for weekly sessions with unlimited Q and A via email.  To book an appointment please call our customer service line:  1-877-680-8200.


Q:  Is Arnoux Goran available for private sessions?

A:  Arnoux’s schedule is very busy and he rarely takes on new clients. He also charges much more than our team of certified consultants.  If you would like to see if you can quality to work with Arnoux please call our customer service line:  1-877-680-8200.


Q:  Are the THM certifications accredited?

A:  Not at this time.  All of the programs are written and designed by Arnoux Goran and they are also regulated by him and his team.  Your certifications are given to you by Arnoux himself, not any other governing body.


Q:  Is the THM training available in Spanish, or any other language than English?

A:  Not yet, but we are working on it.


Q:  When I’m trying to watch The 7 Steps videos they keep freezing on me.  Is that because there is something wrong with your website?

A:  No, it generally means your wi fi connection is too slow.  That’s why we also have the audio version available.  The files are MUCH smaller and should play fine for you if you are on a slower or crowded connection.